📯Referral program

You can find the referral link in your profile after creating an account in the game

  • You can see the number of total invited by you in your game profile. Your referrals bring a lot of benefits!

  • You will get 20% of the stake cost from all NFTs by people you invited.

  • Your referrals will get a 50% discount on the staking for the first NFT

  • Each time your referral crafts any building NFT (Farm, Mine, etc.), you will receive a special rare Pearl resource that will be used in the game.

  • If your referral becomes a Baron, you will receive % of the Gold that the Baron receives in his treasury and % of all resources from each successful conquest of him, including the ransom for Lands. Nothing is deducted from the Baron, resources are given by the game additionally.

  • If you become a Baron, your referrals will automatically settle on your Land!

  • The best invitations will be rewarded with events!

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