🔹Land NFT

Land NFT — cannot be crafted, obtained from the packs only.

  • It has a single level and random stats: the individual rate of resource mining on this Land, the defense rate for the Land under attack. There are five continents and each Land is randomly located on one of them after opening the pack.

  • The Lands will not be able to switch between continents and change their stats. The landowner can be changed by WAR or transferring the NFT between wallets (market sale).

  • Land NFT is the most valuable resource as after being staked in the game, it gives the owner status “Baron”. Baron can rule the Land and gain stable profit. Other players build their Farms and Mines on the Barons’ land and pay taxes, which are set by each Baron between 1% and 20%.

  • Undiscovered Lands without Baron can also be used by players to build Farms and Mines. Players don’t pay taxes until the Land NFT will be staked in the game by its owner. The Land packs will distributing from the market until all 5 continents with 200 Lands on each will get their Barons. Prices for the Land packs will increase as their remaining supply decreases.

  • Land NFTs can be withdrawn from the game by the owner and sold on the marketplace. In this case, Fortifications and Gold Mines are automatically removed from the Land.

  • The Lands can be conquered by other Barons and the Land NFTs are assigned to the new owner. Therefore, the Barons need to maintain troops and build Fortifications to protect their possessions.

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