Players can send resources to each other directly in the game using caravans. During the journey, caravans can be robbed, so they must be protected by troops when they are sent. The lowest-level troops are randomly selected for this.

The caravan can reach successfully or be robbed, in which case some of the resources and guards may be lost along the way. If your garrison does not have enough troops, the risk of robbery increases dramatically.

For every 2 types of resource, 1 army is randomly taken from the garrison, the weakest in level, except for siege weapons.

80% chance that the caravan arrived successfully otherwise there is a 50% chance for each type of resource that 0 to 20% of that resource will be looted

As long as there are troops in the caravan, each robbery one of them (randomly) can protect the cargo, is thrown randomly from 0 to 100-HP/10 and if the rolled number is >= 75, the army is killed, the resource is robbed otherwise the robbery is stopped, the army is intact

Looted resources become a treasure which can be obtained using units in adventures!

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