* Disclaimer

The game balance, rules, plans, whitepaper, wiki or roadmap can be adjusted and supplemented during development, taking into account the market situation and technical features. The game is provided "as is" and development is carried out at the pace, sequence and direction that the project team considers appropriate to the situation and the best. The quality of the resulting product will not necessarily meet your expectations and ideas. During the development process, there may be any deviations from what was previously described in the whitepaper and other sources, about what the project administration is not obliged to notify in advance.

The administration does not guarantee permanent, stable and endless performance of all services, you use game site and the applications at your own risk, assuming responsibility for all possible losses associated with this. We do not advice or encourage anyone to buy tokens, resources or NFT, do it at your own discretion, remembering that investments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects can carry big risks and do not guarantee a profit or the preservation of your funds.

All the investments that you make within this project, you do voluntarily and free of charge, without expecting a profit and any guarantees from the project administration. Do your own research when deciding to play, buy or invest. Remember that this is just a game that we try to make interesting. All your investment in this project is your personal voluntary and gratuitous contribution and the project administration can use it at its discretion.

The project administration reserves the right to deny any person access to game servers and resources without any warning, explanation or compensation. No one can expect any certain guaranteed period during which the game will be available. To implement the game, the project administration uses third-party developers at its own discretion, not being able to control the development process completely in all details, especially with regards to the program code.

Users are prohibited from interfering with the intended game mechanics and operation of game servers, changing them or using them for purposes not provided for by the project administration. It is forbidden to use any existing bugs and errors in the code and logic of the game, the user is obliged to immediately inform the project administration in case of detection of an unforeseen situation.

By performing any actions on the project website, in the game or with any resources related to the project, you confirm your full and unconditional agreement with these disclaimer and confirm that you are not a citizen of the United States and European countries.

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