Bad Weather & Depletion

Every day at midnight, a “bad weather” debuff is randomly applied on each Land. The debuff reduces the production of a certain resource on this Land by some % randomly. Every midnight, all the effects of bad weather are removed and new ones are applied.
Please note that you will not be able to withdraw or deposit the corresponding resources to your account in case of bad weather (>10). This gives rise to the need to have supplies on the account in case of such a case or use caravans.
The weather also interferes with the withdrawal of resources from the account, creating losses by a random value from 0% to weather % per resource while withdraw.
Losses during the withdrawal from the weather create treasures on the Land where the withdrawal was. Treasures can be obtained by sending your troops on an adventure.
During resource mining, the total amount of each type of resource mined is taken into account in comparison with the last hour. If mined more, it is calculated by what percentage it was. This number is divided in half and in the next hour the min and max of mining for all NFTs of this type are reduced by this % (no more than 50%). The reduction coefficient is always stored. Therefore, in the next hour, not a new one is taken, but an average with the past. If mined less than in the last hour, the average between 100% and the last coefficient is used.