💰How to START & EARN

What to do now

  1. Create an account in the game using the Metamask wallet on the Polygon network.

  2. Buy Mint Pass NFT and Power Orbs and stake them on your account in the Mine section

  3. Mint packs in the game in the Craft section to get NFTs and Lands

  4. Join referral program to get many bonuses from referrals!

What to do after ...

  1. Every hour your Farms and Mines will bring you resources that automatically appears in your warehouse.

  2. You do not need to enter the game every time to manage it. You can Claim the resources accumulated in the warehouse to your account any time and repair the wearout of your Farms & Mines.

  3. All repaired Farms and Mines will automatically bring you income every hour until their wearout reaches 100%, than they need to be repaired. Use the repair button in the form of a Hammer near your profile icon in the upper right corner.

  4. You can freely withdraw farmed resources at any time and sell them on the exchanges or build new Farms and Mines and upgrade them to earn even more. Upgrading your buildings gives more benefits than increasing their number.

  5. Use Amulets to reduce the effects of weather and Land depletion.

  6. Become a Baron by purchasing your own Land so that you can tax everyone who lives on your Land.

  7. Create troops, armies, fight, conquer Lands and resources to earn faster and more and enjoy the game by defeating others!

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