🌀Amulet NFT

Amulet NFT — can be crafted or obtained from the packs.

  • Being staked in the game it protects from the weather and depletion by reducing the effect of both. Each type of mining NFT has its relevant amulet. Green Amulet affects Stone, Iron and Gold, Blue Amulet affects Food, Wood and Horses. Red Amulet improves craft chances.

  • For each amulet the “quality” parameter is randomly generated, which sets the strength of this amulet

  • Amulets have grades. You can collect all three grades of the same type of Amulet, their effect will add up. With two amulets, there will be no addition!

Red amulet & Craft chances

Unlike Farm and Mine passes, which improve the NFTs obtained by crafting randomly by some %, depending on the number of such passes, that you have staked on your account, the Red Amulet is guaranteed to increase the quality of NFTs obtained from any crafting by the specified % of the original quality of NFT. The strength of the amulet depends on its own quality. It also works on crit-craft in the same way as normal craft, imposing its effect after all calculations.

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