🔹Mining NFT

Mining NFT — can be crafted or obtained from the packs.

Mining NFT types: Gold Mine, Stone Mine, Iron Mine, Sawmill, Field, Farm. Each mining NFT has three levels. The mined resources amount and the cost of repairing change within a level, and also new mine resources for NFT can be added for some levels.

  • For each mining NFT, minted or crafted, a “quality” parameter is randomly generated, that increase or decrease mining power of this NFT. The NFT does not change its “quality” parameter when upgrading.

  • When mining NFT staked in the game, it mines resources for account automatically, every hour — no actions required! There’s no need for the administration to introduce any sanctions against bots since it won’t give significant advantages. If someone uses a bot for convenience it won’t be prosecuted unless they broke gameplay.

  • Each NFT, depending on its type and level, can mine one or several different resources at the same time. Mining randomly occurs between the Min and Max parameters set for each type and level of NFT. Min/max parameters may have additional buffs and debuffs from current game state.

  • The player can stake any amount of mining NFTs on each Land owned by any Baron. The game NFTs can be withdrawn to the wallet at any time. For this purpose the NFT should be fully repaired.

  • The Gold Mines are built by landowners only (baronial privilege). GOLD is the rarest game resource which is mined by the Barons and exchanged through the marketplace with the other players for any other resources.

  • The mining NFT lose durability with each mining process without reducing its mining efficiency. If the durability becomes 0, mining will stopped, but NFT won’t be broken or disappear. To repair the NFT player needs to click special button in game. At the same time some resources for repair will be deducted from his account. NFT can be repaired at any time. All the staked NFTs are repaired at once up to 100% durability. The repair price is fixed and doesn’t depend on the current durability.

  • Each mining NFT type on the account, except the first one, adds +1 wear per hour to all NFTs on this account. Baron has no penalty of his Land and other players can use King Pass to avoid this. Stake Queen Passes to decrease base wearout.

  • We allow multi-accounts, but this and other mechanics additionally stimulate upgrade NFT, instead of increasing its number. To upgrade the mining NFT, it must be staked in game and fully repaired. If only the one type of mining NFTs on the account, their efficiency increases by 5%.

Additional wearout in % for the number of mining NFT = sum(1.15 * quality * lvl / 100) for each to the NFT base wearout, but not more than 100%. For example, if you have one level 1 NFT on your account with a quality of 90, then its wearout will increase by 1.15*90*1/100 = 1.035% of the base. If you add one more level 2 NFT with quality 120 to your account, then the wear of each of them will increase by 1.15*90*1/100 + 1.15*120*2/100 = 3.795%

Wherein King passes remove the penalty points to wearout, like the Barons have. And Queen passes reduce base wearout by 2% each!

Repair is more expensive for big whales and has a discount for small account, the price increases in % by the amount of all NFTs like this: sum(0.15 * quality * lvl / 100), but no more than 50% and no less than -25% for small accounts.

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