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Land occupation

  • If there is no Baron in the attacked Land, the attack is always successful, the troops are not lost, and part of the resources on the players accounts of this Land is removed to the attacking Baron’s Treasury. And each mining NFT gets some wear. On this robbery is considered completed. If the attacked Land already has an owner Baron, the following logic applies.
  • “Occupation period”. Captured Lands transfer all resources from taxes to the winner's castle and are managed by the new owner, but do not pass to him in the form of NFT and he cannot remove it from the game. The losing Baron has the opportunity to pay a fixed ransom for his Land, after which it returns to his control.
  • If the ransom is not paid within 30 days, this Land completely passes to the player who captured it and can be withdrawn from the game in the form of NFT. We believe that if the owner has not redeemed his Land within 30 days, he may lose it, there is enough time. In case of a complete cancellation of Land NFT loss, the Barons could specifically seize their own Lands, protecting them from new attacks in this way.
  • The winner who has occupied the Land can set a new tax on it immediately, after that the common cooldown applies to this action. After paying the ransom, the original owner can also change the tax immediately.
  • All players who were in the occupied Land transfer a small part of their resources on the account to the Treasury of the capturing Baron. Their mining NFTs do not get wear and the size of the robbery is much lower than in the case when the Land has no Baron-owner. Thus, it is always beneficial for players to choose a strong Baron to settle.
  • A specific player can attack the same Land no more than once per hour. Other players can attack the same Land as part of their cooldown. With a successful capture, no one else can attack the same Land for 3 days.
  • The loser’s Gold Mines are automatically removed from the Land stake to his wallet. Any Fortification on the occupied Land is ruined to 0, but not destroyed. It can be restored or replaced by any other Fortification, by the new owner or by the previous owner at any time.
  • The troops remaining on the occupied Land are considered to be captured and cannot be withdrawn from the game until the ransom is paid. If the Land passes to the new Baron, the captured troops are disbanded (NFTs will destroyed).
  • The occupied Land cannot be withdrawn from the game as an NFT until the end of the occupation period. The attacked Land cannot be withdrawn 4 hours after the attack.