Concept of the Barony

The central element of the game is the factor of a limited number of Lands that any players can own and manage, generating income and attack other players and other Lands.
The game is built in a realistic economy and military mechanics, in order to protect themselves, ordinary players either need to become the owner of the Land — the Baron — and protect it by forces, or go to the Lands of one of the Barons under his protection, paying him taxes.
The limited Lands number leads in the future to the fact that it will be more and more difficult and profitable to occupy the Land and become a Baron. Updates and development of the game mechanics will constantly increase the possibilities and significance of the Barons, and their Lands will become more and more valuable.
A significant part of the project’s income will be constantly invested in promotion in all countries of the World. We are interested in establishing relationships with large gaming communities in different countries and creating interesting and profitable conditions for them in the game. Scaling even approximately the possible future growth in the number of players, one can only imagine how beneficial Land ownership will be.
From the start of the game, Barons receive the following benefits:
  • The ability to protect his buildings
  • The ability to take under the protection of other players, collecting a regular tax from them. With the growth of the game’s population in the conditions of a limited amount of Lands, taxes will give many times more profit than just maintaining Farms and Mines
  • The ability to grab foreign resources
  • The ability to maintain an army, attack and grab foreign Lands, or receive a ransom from them
  • Has no wear penalty of all buildings on own Lands
  • All players who came through the Baron’s referral link settle on his Land
  • Unique building — Gold Mine, can only be staked by the Baron on his Land. It brings the main and most valuable resource in the game — GOLD, which the Barons will dispose of at their discretion, being monopolists
  • No taxes
  • Own chat in the game
  • Own coat of arms and flag