About Mine Barons

The game based on Polygon blockchain and playable from any browser, there is no need to download apps. It’s enough to create an account on the project website by connecting your Metamask wallet.
  • The game based on Polygon blockchain and playable from any browser.
  • The Governance tokens holders will make DAO. The DAO participants share game treasury, in the future they will be able to influence the game development and the balance collectively.
  • The game provides freely traded resource tokens, the rate of which will be determined by the marketplace based on supply and demand. The project administration does not regulate the marketplace prices of resources.
  • The game economy is unique self-sufficient and self-balanced. It is built in such a way that resources will always be scarce and they will always be in price. Therefore, we focus not on the speed of return on investment, but on the stability of the economy and interest in the gameplay itself.
  • Owning Lands will be very profitable and exciting. It will be a real adventure with bright PVP and intense emotions. As the Land will be bought up, the price of NFT with them will constantly grow. And to become one of the Barons, you will need to find someone who agrees to sell you one of his Lands. There simply won’t be any other ways!
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Last modified 1yr ago