You can buy & free swap any game resources on https://www.sushi.com/swap

Token contracts are here (Polygon Mainnet):

MBM 0x228f56b85302A10EF4cd73A78498796030650658 - governance token MBF 0xcdD9E9f4D2a6b31f419Fad8Fd022d764404E3352 - food MBW 0xf0d5BcC5F7ffb507a55cAA9C1A4996622549405d - wood MBS 0xB474D6Ed980115D7a03B0f02E96De71Abc8c916c - stone MBI 0x1dAc932Df68ebFA5B2157f59b81c92d9FEc9Eaf1 - iron MBH 0x0AbAc5E4F7f6200BF1Cd28D641387e2b20bcf9AA - horses MBG 0x837A52F3f0787Ee11799D733CE7708234f372bFF - gold Just add these tokens in your Metamask & Sushiswap and start to exchange!

How to buy resources At the moment, the exchange of resources is available for the governance MBM token.

  • You can get MBM tokens with a mint pack with them in the game in the crafting section. Open the pack and MBM tokens will be available for claim in your game profile.

Please note that staking mint passes in the game lowers the mint price for all packs and many bonuses! After some time, it will be possible to change any game tokens on the exchanges for any other coins directly.

You can withdraw resource tokens from the game and deposit them from your metamask wallet in the Market section in the game.


Simultaneously with the game launch, the players will form DAO, which will manage many of the processes related to the project. For these purposes, a governance token will be distributed by airdrop among the early participants and some other categories. For all proposals, the DAO votes with the shares of their governance tokens.

DAO participants will claim a portion of the project's income and determine its development and balance. The governance token will also be used directly in the game at the stage of introducing elections and politics. It is planned to offer staking to activate its governing function.

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