Land Governance

  • The Barons can review and govern over the Lands they own. After selecting any staked Land NFT, Baron can build a Fortification (which is not NFT), replace Fortification with another one, or remove it from the Land. All you need is to click the button and the necessary resources will be deducted from the account. The Fortification disappears automatically if the Land NFT is removed from the game by the owner.
  • The Fortifications has 3 levels (Castle, Fortress, Citadel) with predetermined characteristics for the each level — defense (DEF), strength (HP) and resources for craft and repair. If Fortification built already on the Land, it will be replaced by new one. Stronger Fortification can be replaced by the weaker one or removed.
  • Fortification increases the defense power of the Land on which it is installed. It gradually wears out every hour and when the Land is under attack. Since manual repair is required, the player needs to click the repair button. As it wears out, it reduces defense power down to 0, but still not destroyed. However, repairing the Fortification broken to 0 is more expensive.
  • The Baron can place any number of troops on any Land, which can be sorted by dragging the NFT cards of troops with the mouse. These troops are considered as the Land garrison. When Land is under attack, the first troops in the list are to stand in defense in the number depending on the type of Fortification on this Land — the first 5 without fortification, 7 — with a Castle, 8 — with a Fortress, 9 — with a Citadel. For the stake or unstake troops NFT, needs to spend food resources.
  • The garrison staked in the game takes some resources each hour. With the lack of resources for the troops’ maintenance, there is a 20% chance that the non-supplied troops will be disbanded (NFT is being destroyed). When the Fortification is replaced or repaired the garrison is not withdrawn from it. The garrison is also not withdrawn if the Fortification is destroyed. The destroyed Fortification will not give the defense bonuses.
  • Selecting any owned Land the Baron can allocate up to 7 troops on it and send them on a military campaign to attack any other Land on the same continent (entering the number of the attacked Kingdom). The functionality of trade and wars between continents, the elections of Kings, and political intrigues will be implemented at later stages of the project.
  • Before the attack any Land, the Barron will be able to see how many troops (without information of what type and level they are) there in the defense and how much the military campaign will cost. The military campaign requires resources, which depend on the size of the troops being sent and the distance between the kingdoms (determined by the difference between their numbers).