😎Mint Passes Advantages

Official Mint Passes Collections

1) https://opensea.io/collection/mine-barons-mint-pass 2) https://rarible.com/user/0xa3f1ecfe7f33170ea309da88b0af39e479a628dd/sale

Step-by-step guide how to buy on OpenSea https://bit.ly/buyingssguide

Each mint pass is a multifunctional NFT card, which guaranteed mint packs at the lowest price, and also obtaining additional benefits in the game. These NFTs will always be relevant and valuable, giving unique features to the owner that are not available to other players.

Pay attention to Power Orbs, this is a unique secret booster that will be very useful for both the farmer and the miner and the Baron. It maximizes the resources from farms and mines, increases the chances of a successful crit-craft and insures against failures with a guarantee!

You can get NFT for game in three ways

  1. buy NFT on the market

  2. craft NFT in the game

  3. mint the pack in the game

Mint pack allows you to get the rarest NFTs, and if you stake a mint pass on your account before that, you will get additional valuable bonuses!

Important! All NFTs that will drop from the Packs will be of RARE QUALITY! Which is guaranteed to be 100% quality each! Mint Pass holders will also automatically receive the event bonuses when opening their packs, if they stake passes in the game game before open the pack! Their NFTs will be from 150% to 250% quality guaranteed + free NFTs (see the screenshot)! The King and Queen passes owners will also improve some parameters of your Land from the pack!

*before the game starts = before the minted pack will be opened!

Game bonuses from the Passes

  • Each Farm Pass, staked in the game, increases the production from farms, fields and sawmills, gives bonus up to 1% to these NFTs quality for any craft

  • Each Mine Pass, staked in the game, increases the production from all mines, gives bonus up to 1% to these NFTs quality for any craft

  • Each Queen Pass, staked in the game, reduces the cost of repairing all buildings, reduces wearout for all your NFTs

  • Each King Pass, staked in the game, increases the defense of the territory and reduces the cost of maintaining troops, removes the wearout penalty for different types of NFT on the account. King pass also remove the penalty points to wearout, like the Barons have.

  • Farm and Mine passes help to get the best quality when crafting NFT, + 1% from each pass, with 20% maximum. Chances randomly improve the quality to this number (while crafting amulets are guaranteed their quality bonus). At first we apply bonus from Mint passes, then a bonus from Amulets. Farm passes work on the farm, field and sawmill, Mine passes works on all mines.

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