⛏️Tools NFT

Tools NFT — can be crafted, can`t be withdrawn from the game.

The most affordable low-cost game items that allow you to earn with a minimum investment

  • Unlike other mining NFT, tools require your personal participation in the game for each use. Every hour you can log into the game and use your tools to mine resources.

  • At the same time, the Tool choose one of the suitable Farms or Mines from all the players, where mining will be. You will receive a one-time % of the standard production of the selected farm or mine, depending on the power of your Tool. And 20% of the resource you extract will be received by the owner of this farm or mine.

  • First of all, those NFTs that have the highest quality and level are selected to this mine, and the tools are used to extract them first. The better NFT, the more often workers will mine to you.

  • Each NFT after one production on it in the current hour reduces the chance of the next mine on it by some %, which is reset after an hour. With a strong decrease in the chance, the probability that mining will go to the next mine or farm in turn increases. So this is not a direct queue, but a queue with a chance of re-looting.

  • Workers do not pay tax to the Baron

Free tools will be also available! Everyone with some chance once a day can create weak tools with which they can extract resources on Farms and Mines without spending money at all. The entry threshold becomes free!

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