Battle results calculation

  • Before the start of the battle, the attacker has a 5% chance that all the troops in his army can be destroyed as a result of diseases in the campaign. If there is no garrison on the attacked Land (Fortifications does not matter), the battle is considered won immediately. If there is a garrison, the results of the battle are calculated.
  • In repeating rounds, until all the troops in some army will destroyed, one random troop NFT is selected from each side and they cast lots among themselves, taking into their combat stats, all strengthening and weakening effects and properties, as well as Fortifications and Siege weapons.
  • The one who casts less — the defeated troops die and the NFT is destroyed. The victorious troops survive, don’t suffer any damage, and participate in the battle further without losing combat power.
  • The Fortification on the attacked Land increases the combat power of its defenders. The attacker’s Siege weapons reduce the strength of Fortification by destroying it with every round of the battle. Siege weapons can’t stand in defense. Once they are in battle from the attacking side, they always die.
  • After each rounds of the battle, if one of the armies still has troops, two new troops are selected and the calculation is repeated. At any results of the battle, the troops, that participated in the attack, return to their Lands and can no longer attack or be unstaked for 24 hours. However, they can defend their Land.
  • If there is a Fortification on the Land, then every round it will be partially destroyed. If the attacker has Siege weapons, the damage will be greater. In each battle round, the destruction of the Fortification is taken immediately. The final destruction is saved after the battle and requires resources for repair.
  • In the future we will offer our DAO some options for the development of this topic so that the population of the Lands will be interested in helping their Baron.